What Is Better Facebook Or Google Ads?

Online advertising for businesses plays a significant role in growth and revenue. But as a business owner, how do you identify which will benefit you the most, Facebook or Google Ads?

Online advertising for businesses plays a significant role in growth and revenue. But as a business owner, how do you identify which will benefit you the most, Facebook or Google Ads?

Since access to the internet is such a big part of everyone’s routine it also changed how we acquire products and services. And because you know that you can reach out to your target audience through the world wide web, this is something that your business should take advantage of.

However, this also means that the competition is tighter in the digital field. Consumers want answers fast so they will most likely stick to the product or service they see first. For your brand to be seen by customers, you need to be part of their search results. You need to advise them in a way that will persuade them that you’re the right option. Here’s where online advertisement comes into play.

Red Five Digital knows you want to be smart in making advertising decisions for your brand. If you want your local business in Melbourne, Victoria to prosper in the digital world, find out what advertisement platform is the best fit for you.

Which is Better For Your Business?

First of all, Facebook and Google ads run in the same way that operates on a pay-per-click basis. When you create an ad on either site, you enter an auction where you put a bid on how much you want to pay for ad space. Then you’ll be paid a certain amount of money any time someone clicks on one of your ads.

In the process of learning what’s better, you’ll need to look at various factors of your business first, and once you know the difference between the 2 platforms you’ll know what those factors are.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is estimated to have 1. 73 billion active users a day. On Facebook, mobile advertising revenue represents approximately 90% of advertising revenue.

Now let’s tackle the CPC (cost-per-click) of Facebook. Depending on your business type, Facebook ads appear to be a little cheaper per click than Google Ads. Businesses in the clothing industry could pay as little as $0.45 per click on Facebook. Finance and insurance is still the most costly form of company to advertise on Facebook, but the average CPC is still just $3.77.

If you want to see the rate of the type of business you own on Facebook, it is available on their site.

If you are wondering about the ad format on this site, you won’t be disappointed because of its creativity. It allows more power to your message by using an image-based ad. You may opt to use videos, photos, and more to catch the attention of your audience. Facebook also continues to carry out a range of ad formats to avoid “ad fatigue.”

When it comes to targeting an audience, Facebook wins because it does a better job at narrowing down the potential buyers for a better conversion rate. Although both platforms can target age, gender, location, and income levels, this social media site allows you to build audiences based on a broad list of preferences and activities that have been compiled from all active users.

Facebook can be a forum that is still extremely useful to develop your brand credibility. If you can build a sense of community with loyal customers that sell your brand to interested audiences on social media, people would be far more likely to buy if they need your service or product. Therefore if you think what you need is more brand awareness, Facebook might be the right fit for you.

Google Ads

Google handles an average of more than 5.8 billion searches every day and one of these searches can be a potential client. When people need a product or service they make a search on Google and the first thing they see will most likely be the one they would go for, and Google Ads is best suited to target consumers at the time of their purchasing decision. This is why Google will always beat Facebook when it comes to buyer intent.

But like Facebook, CPC on Google Ads varies depending on the business you run but the average rate is $2.69.

When it comes to ad format, Google as expected mainly uses text. You’ve got a small block of text to attract potential customers’ attention on SERPs. But it is worth mentioning that they offer ad extensions for additional text and detail, but your overall format will be restricted to text in search ads. But then again, you have to remember, the main goal is for your service to land on the first page of a search result and Google ads guarantee that.

What should I Choose?

Based on the discussed platform characteristics, you can pick the right site for your growth by assessing your business with these questions.

1. Is my product search-oriented or is it social?
2. Is my target market active on these networks?
3. Should I focus first on brand awareness or quick conversion rates?

The foundation of this decision is the research you’ll do about your target market. If you know the majority of them are on Facebook, make sure to be there. If your service gets most of its leads on organic search, Google is your best option.


At Red Five Digital, we believe that smart marketing decisions are keys for your business to take on the next level. Allow your local business in Melbourne, Victoria to take on the journey to success with our help. Book a discovery call now!

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