How To Write Content For Users And Search Engines In 2019

How to you balance writing content for your users and search engines? Find out how to write content for both with this guide.

2019 is the year of user-focused content.

But how do you offer great content for users while it performs well in search engines?

Consumers and search engines like Google change a lot, but if you observe enough these past few months, the type of content that gets shared a lot on social media and gets tons of attention share some of the same characteristics.

Mostly, these are content that creates some type of conversation. These are also the type of content that gets you on top of that search engine. It’s important to know what your content needs to be in order to see the improvement you want to see.

Here are 5 tips in writing content for users and search engines in 2019 according to Search Engine Journal.

1. Strong Opinions

Articles that strike people with strong and bold opinions appeal to many readers. Why? Well, it’s because strong opinions are direct to the point and readers like that. You don’t play safe around a certain topic and you give direct answers to their questions.

Now you might think, “What if they don’t agree?”

Strong opinioned articles usually get two types of responses. Either the reader will nod and agree with every point you make throughout the article or the reader will read it with hate and share it with more people that might agree in how he or she disagrees with the written content.

But still, the content created conversation. It received plenty of likes, shares, and reads. It also helps to add an intense title to your content that will make people click on it.

Don’t be Afraid

If your someone in your niche that has already been in the game for quite some, time then don’t be afraid to take that keyboard and write your opinion away. There is always going to be people out there who will agree with you. Besides, anyone is entitled to their own opinion.

But make sure that if you have a strong opinion in something, back it up with evidence. This proof will make it much easier to get more people to nod and agree with your point.

Why does this type of content rank?

Like what I mentioned earlier, this type of content creates conversation, sometimes even controversy and that’s what makes people excited and interested. It’s what makes them talk and share their own opinion!

People who write this type of content are usually professionals in their industry. That’s why they know exactly what they are talking about. They have the authority to claim that bold opinion.

2. Original Data and Experiments

We are a data-driven society.

Whether it’s used to prove a point that you are trying to make people see or to show to your boss the next strategy they should invest in, data is always needed.

In fact, based on Ahrefs Blog post, it is usual in our society to collect data because the top searches of 2018 are things like the weather, maps, translations, etc. these are just some of the examples of the basic data we collect on a regular basis.

It’s the facts and statistics needed to back up your statement, without enough gathered data your content is close to nothing. Your readers will sense credibility from your content.

But honestly, who are we kidding? It’s not that easy and you probably don’t even have time to think of original projects you can do just so you can gather original data.

SEJ suggested that you should think of projects you are already planning to do and think of some hypothesis you can do and test along with the regular execution of that project. You can do online surveys, which will be much easier to gather responses from various people.

Collecting data, running experiments and writing a blog post about it is a great activity to do if you want more people to follow your lead.
Always use the Support of Data

We live in a time where information is so accessible. So make good use of it.
Support the opinion you want to prove by using data that your readers can use as well. Data will always perform well in SERPs.

3. Actionable Insights and How-Tos

Who in the world of SEO doesn’t love the good old “how to?” Which is usually used for something new or to make something that has been around for a while, much easier.

Users and SERPs love it when you are so willing to shared data and insights. No wonder this type of content is usually on the first page of search rankings.

This type of content, when it’s done right, is so informative and useful. I’m pretty sure some type of content like this has helped you in the past as well.

Everyone was once in a place where they don’t know how to do things because they are doing it for the first time. How-To content is perfectly made for search engines because it is one of the main reasons why people use SERPs. They use Google when they want to know how to do or fix something, like how to bake a cake, how to play the guitar or how to fix zippers. So it is really no surprise that both users and SERPs love this type of content.
So what does this mean for you?

If you found some type of new way of doing something in your niche. Or you’re doing something that is a bit different from what the majority is doing. You might want to start sharing it with other people through written content. You don’t know how many people might actually find your ways helpful.

4. Popular Authors in the Industry

Some people in the SEO and marketing industry are just so good at driving crowd in their content. It is hard to say whether people love or hate them but they sure make an impact.

These are usually the type of people that are known for making strongly opinioned content and they have built a following that is always looking out for their post. Big names in the industry often have the best resources to research and they became big in the industry because they are doing their job very well.

So what does this mean for you?

Every big name in every industry started small. It was their hard work that got them where they are now. And that goes the same for you! You don’t need to be Oli Gardner in order to have quality content. They might have continued posting contents with strong opinions until their name was known.

Everyone and people like you and I just have to keep on trying and trying. If you really want this, Put yourself out there!

5. Social Issues in the Industry

Through writing about personal things like social issues, you can create conversation and normalize the topic that people in the marketing industry might have kept to themselves. To give you an example, here’s an article about things that drains the passion of people from SEO.

As much as we need content things that can help us in the world of marketing and SEO, we also need answers on the personal side of being in this industry.

This type of content can also be a means of support. It addresses topics that are usually not discussed which means that it can help people deal with those issues in a good way.

Here are some of the suggested topics about social issues that you can write about by the Search Engine Journal.

  • Why it’s Important to Take a Vacation
  • How to Hire the Best People
  • When it’s Time to Quit a Toxic Job

Users like the honesty that they can relate to. 

Why does this type of content perform well in SERPs?

Voicing out this type of issue can be a bit embarrassing or it feels too personal to share that’s why most users like to search for it on Google first so they know that somehow they are not online in that type of situation.

Or they are hoping that they can find the answer to that article as well. By providing content like this, you create conversations between people that relate to that experience which translates to reads, shares, comments, and likes.


Creating content for users and search engines is more complex than we think but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Try these tips in writing your content along with the good SEO strategies that you normally do and watch the improvement.

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