How To Promote Your Business On Social Media?

If your local business in Melbourne hasn't utilized social media for marketing then you’re missing out on great opportunities and growth!

Social Media Marketing has become more of a necessity for small businesses nowadays and for a good reason.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are great platforms for brand awareness. It facilitates connectivity and a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to attract prospects and potential customers. Aside from driving leads and sales, great social media marketing can bring remarkable success to your company by building loyal brand advocates by consistent interaction and accommodation.

If your local business in Melbourne hasn’t utilized social media for marketing then you’re missing out on great opportunities and growth!

To help you, Red Five Digital listed 4 ways on how you can promote your company on social networks.

1. Plan Your Goals and Strategy

Every successful action starts with a plan, so if you expect good results from this marketing strategy plan your move and determine your goals.

Your goals may include generating leads, brand awareness, better customer service, and engaging clients. Whatever your reasons might be, make sure they are clearly established. Think of it like you would think of any other marketing campaign for your company.

Establishing your goals creates a clearer sense of strategy which will make the results attainable.

2. Post Daily Content

The content you post will be the main reason why people will want to follow you, so give that to them regularly.

To paint a picture, let’s say you manage a local clothing line in Australia. Depending on the time of the day you know most people are on their phone, post a picture of a sample outfit that suits the weather season. Post quotes about dressing well. Have a post relating to the holidays and festivities on that certain day. Whatever that content may be make sure it will always lead to the product or service you are selling. This creates better clicks to sales conversion rate.

Through this action you also allow more active social media users to discover your brand.

3. Advertise with Social Influencers

Every social network has a public figure that has a following of people that trust and adore them. If you end up having a chance to work with that influencer to promote your brand, it will lead direct sales and recognition to your business.

I know you are probably thinking of A-list celebrities or athletes that require way too much advertisement fee but no. For smaller businesses, you can identify social influencers who are much more cost-effective than celebrities. This type of influencer may not have millions of followers, but you can get them to share your brand content for a few hundred dollars. You might even be able to get away with giving them free items in return for a post about your company. In fact, they are better at promoting brands because their following is proven to engage more than actual celebrities.

4. Build Your Community

For local businesses, having a community that is loyal to your service and product is vital in attracting more sales. This is because referrals and word-of-mouth are one of the biggest sources of leads. So through social media, you can create a sense of community with your audience since it promotes connectivity.


If you’re still deciding whether to invest in social media marketing, let this be a sign to start now and take on the journey of growth with your business.

Get your business in Melbourne, Victoria recognized by a marketing strategy that works. Red Five Digital uses copywriting, graphic design, video editing, and knowledge of existing and emerging social media channels, we can create a social media follow-up for your company that strengthens brand recognition and encourages customer loyalty.

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