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The pandemic has changed the playing field for the worse for the marketing of businesses, especially for smaller ones. A good way to overcome this timely challenge is to adapt⁠, and adapting is done best by engaging professionally in the realm of Digital Marketing.

What is digital marketing? To put it briefly, it is marketing done primarily by using the Internet to reach out to ideal would-be customers, utilizing online-based digital technology to promote any product or service.
It is no surprise that businesses that thrive the best in this time are arguably the ones that run an—if not perfect—an efficient online platform, conveniently up for grabs upon the face of the now online public eye.

We at Red Five Digital want your business to have a working strategy that could help you stand out and thrive in this online arena. We can help you succeed with digital marketing, and you could start here with one of our digital marketing service packages:


Start in an ideal way through up-to-date digital marketing methods

  • Services Offered
  • Logo Creation
  • Social Media Pages Setup
  • Web Design
  • FREE Hosting + Domain for 1 year
  • FREE SSL Certificate

The BRONZE service package is a good start for small businesses that have only begun recently, for businesses who may want to rebrand, or even for businesses that have been running for a while whose digital marketing campaign needs a bit of a face-lift.

Through this package, we could give an update or create a new logo for your business’ brand identity. We will also begin to set up strategic accounts on a variety of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) where your target audience will most likely be found.

We will give you a customer-friendly, visually appealing design for your business’ website (or a NEW one from scratch, for that matter!), all accompanied by a FREE hosting and domain promo for your web site (free for a total of 1 Year), and a FREE SSL certificate (this authenticates the web site you are using, kept safe by an encrypted connection). The most affordable package of the bunch is here at your reach, all for only $400 a month!


Give a boost in your marketing management and visibility in no time!

Services Offered: ·

  • Logo Creation·
  • Social Media Pages Setup·
  • Web Design
  • FREE Hosting + Domain for 1 year·
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • Added Offers
  • Social Media Management
  • On-site Facebook Chat
  • Local SEO

With the SILVER service package, your business will not only benefit from the offers mentioned in the previous tier, but with the added social media management, on-site Facebook chat, and local SEO, the chances of gaining a much wider audience that leads to an increased amount of paying customers is surely an expected result.

At $700 a month, see your web page gain traction on its searchability using a working local SEO. This working SEO would be the result of time spent on precise research on how your website might better perform on search engines, finding out ways to be on par with your competitors, improving on many weak points where your business needs to become more visible.

We will work a little more closely with you here, making sure your business is ranking for the most relevant search terms found on the Internet. The management of your social media accounts will be optimized by our team in real-time, applying the most effective methods on managing the content of your platforms, as well as on the on-site Facebook Chat jointly offered. Give this package a try and see your business make more progress.


The Ideal Digital Marketing Service—what more could you want?

Services Offered:

  •  Logo Creation
  • Social Media Pages Setup ·
  • Web Design
  • FREE Hosting + Domain for 1 year
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • Added Offers: · Social Media Management·
  • On-site Facebook Chat · Local SEO
  • GOLD Offers: · Branding · Content Strategy

With branding and content strategy on its side, the GOLD service package reaches a more personal level. At this tier, we help you by giving your business an effective brand identity that could resonate well with your audience, matched with a well-planned, customer-sensitive content strategy, all coupled along with the benefits found in the other tiers.

This package is ideal for businesses old and new, whether it is for a major rebranding, or starting off fresh from the page. Forming your brand identity is a crucial stepping-stone for any business, however small. If you are a business starting out, it is wise to not take your business’ brand identity for granted. A good brand identity is an effective weapon that will make your business stand-out and thrive in the ever-competitive online arena.

The same thing goes for how you strategize your content making. If you choose GOLD, we will handle what content to write and to publish for your digital platforms, promoting the content that works best with the target customers. Considering the overall service this package offers, it is quite affordable. It starts at $1200—and it ends with better results.


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